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  • Create Multiple Contracts
  • Completely Customizable
  • Get Discovered & Connect
  • Easily Add Merchandising
  • Track Negotiations
  • 100% Legally Binding

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PlanItTour.com is your virtual booking agent online

PlanItTour is your virtual booking agent online. We offer the performance industry a brand-new resource to take your performance act, venue or business farther then ever-before. And you haven't even heard the best part... it's 100% FREE!

Performers, sign up now and gain access to your complete virtual booking agency online. Complete your online contract and get booked online by our ground-breaking online contract system and so much more. Venues interested in gaining access to all of the greatest performers searchable through our system to help you find just the perfect performance act for your needs? Then signup now and create your profile to get started today. Interested in sponsoring a performance act or venue? If so we've got a spot for you. Sign up as a sponsor online and get your business name out there!