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Alison Joyce

Dallas GA
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About alijoycexo

My name is Ali Joyce. I'm a fun outgoing 21 year old from Boston Mass but i now reside in Atlanta, Ga. I have been doing club/event promotions for 3 years now and i love it. I've ( more... )

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Latest Date to respond by ___/___/___ for this performance.

Place of Engagement __________
(Place) address
__________, __, _____

Phone(s) 770-309-0313

Date(s) of Engagement ___/___/___
Time of Engagement __:__ am/pm




 duration of performance ______________day rate

                                            ___________hour rate
Wage and Deposit $
Guaranteed Fee $


Deposit Amount/Date to be paid / __/__/____ (if one applies)

Percentage (specify how it is to be calculated gross/net of ticket sales/ door/bar etc.) Refer to part B of the rider contract.

The Artist will/will not be able to choose the order of his or her appearance.

(Employer) by sending this contract and any attachments or riders included herein , binding and valid only when agreed to by both the parties (Employer and Artist) listed below, and Artist has received the deposit (if required) specified no later than ___/___/___ (date).

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